Louis Vuitton & LEGO

When French luxury brand Louis Vuitton teamed up with the master LEGO builders to create its Holiday 2022 window displays, the Setsquare Creative experts were called upon to bring the retail magic to life.  

Conceived by the Louis Vuitton Visual Image Studio and realized by LEGO’s professionals, the Christmas displays represented the city of Paris in a snowy landscape in stores around the world.  

Recreating iconic monuments, Arc de Triomphe and Pont Neuf and drawing inspiration from the famous Jacques Henri Lartique photograph, the Eiffel Tower built from Louis Vuitton Trunks, Setsquare Creative were commissioned to build and install the giant-scale displays which ranged from 2-15 meters in size.  

Built in the Hampshire workshop and assembled on-site our team carefully crafted all components of the high-end festive window displays including back panelling, trees, travel trunks, monuments, and mannequins.  

The completed displays were a festive spectacle; capturing the essence of the holiday season and the allure of high-end luxury and magic of LEGO. 

In partnership with Louis Vuitton, Setsquare Creative had created a fitting holiday window display to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the LEGO brand at Christmas.  

Setsquare Creative; Create, Build, Deliver.