Louis Vuitton & Yayoi Kusama

For the second time, luxury fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton invited Japanese contemporary artist, Yayoi Kusama to create a collection that reinterpreted the brands iconic pieces.  

Released in January 2023, the collection took over the Louis Vuitton flagship store in New Bond Street, Sloane Street store and upmarket retail store Harrods with Kusama’s signature polka dots and motifs spilling onto the streets of London. 

The collaboration was brought to life by the talented team at Setsquare Creative, whose experience and craftsmanship was commissioned to realise the vision and artistry of the LV / Kusama partnership.  

Building the supporting structures and installing the large-scale phonetic faces, symbols and motifs suspended high on the facades of the retail buildings, Setsquare built the podiums, back panels, and floors to support the mannequins and colourful window displays across three London landmark stores.  

The connective between visionary artist, luxury designer and customer were complete. 

Setsquare Creative: Create, Build, Deliver