SKY Innovation Centre

We are immensely proud of the hard work put in by the Setsquare Creative team to help deliver the brand activations within the Sky Innovation Centre in 2022.

Involvement in this project meant delivering the highest quality to offer an unforgettable workplace environment. The journey throughout the building showcases the history of TV and Sky’s place within this, by showcasing the beauty of the design and technology contained within the Sky Glass TV.

The 70,000 square foot building consists of numerous unique experiences designed by Sky Creative which were then consulted, created and installed by Setsquare over a 12-month period.

Visitors can enter the Sound Pod; an isolated experience that immerses you into the Dolby Atmos Sound of the Sky Glass TV. Made using top-of-the-line sound proofing technology, this 360 experience is one like no other.

In the reception area, you can find the Exploded TV. A large metal frame with a custom lightbox built in to display all the internal components of a Sky Glass TV, including specially 3D printed sonic booms. Each component appears as though it is floating by using a bespoke suspension system.

Standing at 10ft tall, the team erected our ‘Hello Sky’ letters outside the centre entrance. These consisted of a steel structure clad in glacier white corian. The use of forced perspective in their positioning creates a striking visual welcome to the new building.

Setsquare Creative used sustainable materials throughout this project, along with recyclable packaging to allow for an eco-friendly build.

From the initial concepts, to the drawings and final stages of install, the Setsquare team followed the Innovation Centre’s journey from start to finish and are delighted to share the results.