Squid Game Doll Tour

With the unprecedented success of the Netflix TV Show ‘Squid Game’, the upcoming 2021 Halloween weekend was the perfect opportunity to promote the much-anticipated series.

Setsquare Creative were asked by US Experiential to build not one, but three replicas of the doll Younghee who is used in the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game on the show. She was installed in three locations – London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Standing at 3 metres tall, the Doll structures were created from a combination of 3D printed components and special dense foam cnc, cut using a robotic arm.  To add to this, we included animatronics to enable the head to turn 180 degrees, as well as moving eyes with LED’s and sound.

The event was a great success, with pictures and videos of Younghee being posted on all social media platforms. After becoming such a hit, she was also featured in the Channel 4 Show ‘The Big Fat Quiz of the Year’.

Every detail was carefully built and engineered by our team to deliver only the best quality.