Festival Stand Top Tips

When it comes to festival stand design, it’s time to think outside of the box.

With thousands of revellers attending festivals each year, and multiple brands showcasing their products and services all vying for the same attention, if your festival stand doesn’t stand-out from the crowd then your marketing budget might as well have been spent elsewhere.

Here are our top five tips for making a lasting impression.

  1. Make it look captivating good (in any weather).

The better looking the festival stand, the better it will perform. Employ a talented team of creative designers and use every inch of their design know-how to combine staging, lighting, style and construction to create a festival masterpiece that really grabs attention.   

2. Build it with the best manufacturer.

This should go without saying, but once the ideas are ignited find a talented team of master builders and craftsman to bring the festival stand to life. The best manufacturers will know how to add value to the design by imparting their construction knowledge to the process, and the very best will be able to provide a pre-build and test facility too.

3. Entice the crowd with something wonderful.

It’s not every day that you will have a captive audience of thousands of people within a few feet of your brand or product, so make sure your festival stand includes a must-see attraction. Launching a long awaited new product, inviting a well-know face, or simply bragging about having the best beer and beats can all go a long way.   

4. Make it an experience.

Now that the stand looks incredible and the crowds have arrived it’s time to make it a memorable experience. Build a relationship with your community by using the latest technology, share your coolest innovations and encourage audience interaction.

5. Take it away.

Festival-goers like a give-a-way. Along with the greatest looking stand and coolest festival vibes, it’s time to top everything off with a treat. Ideally one that they can use during the weekend and beyond. 


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