The Floating Ice Cream Van

It’s not everyday we’re asked to design and create a floating vehicle, but when The Persuaders came to us with this unique idea, how could we refuse?

The concept was simple – have an ice cream van attached to a ladder, up in the air, suspended by 99 red balloons; one balloon for every Virgin Red points prize being handed out on event day. Easy!

At Setsquare Creative, the team love a challenge, and as soon as we saw the visuals, we got right to work. From sketches and designs, to calcs and H&S, we ensured everything was in perfect order to make delivery on-site as smooth as possible. We had the team on hand to apply graphics, before then raising the van into place (hard hats on, of course!) and starting the illusion that captured everyone’s eyes. The 99 red balloons were tied to the vehicle and it was all smooth sailing, or floating, from then on. Carl from Up would have been proud. 

The van could be located at Observation Point for one day only, and people from miles away ventured over to see if the floating van they spotted from their windows, offices and cars, was in fact real. Your eagle eyes may have figured out how we achieved the final look, some are still trying to figure it out. But a Magician never tells his secrets; what would be the fun in that?

At Setsquare Creative, we love taking on new challenges, and this project was a great way for us to start getting back to what we do best. We Create. We Build. We Deliver.

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